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Filter tank

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Filter tank

│ Function │

connected with air compressor, eliminate water in air compressor in cold weather, make air compressor work efficiently.

│ Feature │

made by customer order

│ Specification │

* Out diameter 363 x L 1,241
* Inner capacity : 0.1 M³
* Using fluid : air
* Pressure : 0.9 Mpa(9kg/cm²G)
* Temperature : 40 degree, C
* Material : SS41
* Water test pressure : 1.29Mpa(12.9kg/cm²G)

│ Company introduction │

Our company, Nae Wae Precision Corp. was founded in 2001.
We are manufacturing Industrial machine parts, Vessel parts, Oil and water separator, Oil Tank, Filter Tank, Auto parts, Agricultural machine parts, etc.
We've gotten ISO 9001, have exported our products to U.S.A, Japan, Germany, etc.
We have also higher engineering skill for manufacturing shaft and roll.
We've exported our shaft for world 2nd largest printing machine producing company in Japan.
Now we are finding good partners cooperating with us for our parts producing, shaft for pump, printing machine, roll for industrial machine, oil and water separator, filter tank, vessel parts, bracket for ship turbo charger, etc.